Vanishing  voices of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Our Mission

It is generally believed that the Great Andamanese are the last representative of those people whose history goes back to pre-Neolithic times in Southeast Asia and possibly the first settlement of the region by modern humans. According to population geneticists, they are the remnants of the first migration from Africa 70,000 years before the present. In a way they are the very First Voices of our country. 

          The Andaman Islands are home to four ancient tribes, the  Great AndamaneseOnge Jarawa and the Sentinelese . Barring the Sentinelese, the languages of the other three tribes have been discussed in these pages. 
  The language and people's way of living are in significant danger.  While the languages of Onge and Jarawa are transferred intergenerationally, the language of Great Andamanese is moribund with four semi-speakers left as of 2022. Our mission has been to research intensively the Great Andamanese language before we lose it forever. This site is a result of more than 2 decades of research in this area.

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