About Sanenyo

Sanenyo is the language spoken in the Chowra island. Teressa islanders have learnt this as a second language and prefer to shift completely to Sanenyo than retain their indigenous language Luro. We had the good fortune to spend a considerable time with Sanenyo speakers residing in Chowra, Teressa and Port Blair. documenting a large part of their language including indigenous knowledge about the environment,  medicinal plants, ocean animals, boat-building, house and fence building, making clay pots for which they are famous, myths, oral tradition, grammatical sketch, interactive talking dictionary and comparative lexicon.  We could also make a short film on their yearly festival called panuanot the Pig Festival. Some of the material can be accessed on the SPPEL website of the Central Institute of the Indian Languages, CIIL, Mysore. and

Here we give a collection of spoken Sanenyo phrases and sentences complete with interlinear gloss and running translation in English. 

Basic Sentence List of Sanenyo

Sanenyo Basic Sentence List.pdf

Sentence list based on the handbook on language documentation by the ciil, mysore

Sanenyo CIIL Sentence List.pdf