Our Research Team

Anvita Abbi

Anvita Abbi is a linguist and social scientist who has studied minority languages of South Asia, especially those of the Andaman Islands. She has identified the sixth language family of India, the Great Andamanese, and documented it intensively including its oral heritage. She taught linguistics at Jawaharlal Nehru University for four decades and is now an Adjunct Professor of Linguistics at Simon Fraser UNiveristy, Burnaby, Vancouver, B.C. Canada, She has received the Padma Shri award from the President of India and the Kenneth Hale award from the Linguistic Society of America for her pioneering work. At present, she is one of the members of the ad-hoc committee of UNESCO on the World Atlas of Languages (WAL).

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anvita_Abbi

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Alok Das

Alok Das is a linguist who has contributed to the study of Andamanese languages, a group of endangered languages spoken by indigenous tribes in the Andaman Islands. He has co-authored research papers on the sociolinguistic situation of the Great Andamanese, one of the 10 varieties of Andamanese. He has also worked with Survival International, an organization that advocates for tribal peoples' rights.

Abhishek Avatans

Abhishek Avtans- is a Lecturer at the Leiden University Institute for Area Studies. For more details about him click here: https://www.universiteitleiden.nl/en/staffmembers/abhishek-avtans#tab-1

Narayan Chaudhary

Narayan Chaudhary is a linguist who has worked on Andamanese languages, a group of endangered languages spoken by indigenous people of the Andaman Islands. He is currently a Lecturer cum Junior Research Officer and Assistant Director at the Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysuru. 

Bidisha Som

Bidisha Som is an Associate Professor of linguistics at the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. She has a PhD in linguistics and has published several papers on topics such as language processing, culture and cognition, social linguistics, childhood bilingualism, and gender categorization. She is also an expert on the Great Andamanese language. She has conducted extensive fieldwork and analysis on this language, exploring its cognitive structures, categorization, folk narratives, and grammatical features. 

mayank Jain

Mayank is an Assistant Professor at the Central Institute of Hindi, Agra. He worked incessantly in data entry and giving the final shape to the Great Andamanese dictionary.

Karen Buseman

Karen Buseman is a linguist from the SIL who with her husband Alan was kind enough to provide technical assistance for the dictionary of the Great Andamanese language. She served as the pillar of the interactive version of the dictionary. 

Shailendra Mohan

Shailendra Mohan is a linguist, academician and teacher who has done extensive fieldwork on various languages of India, especially Munda languages and Andaman languages. He is currently the director of the Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL) in Mysuru. He has also published many research papers and books on linguistic topics. He was one of my team members to survey the languages of Andaman in 2002.

Pramod Kumar

Pramod Kumar is an Assistant Professor of Linguistics at Indira Gandhi National Tribal University at Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh. He is the very first scholar who spent years studying the Jarawa language and finally completed his PhD. on 'A Grammar of Jarawa. A Typological study' in 2012. He was one of the team members who accompanied me to survey the languages of Andaman in 2002.